Amino Acids Can Help Build Muscle


Amino acids are vital to the importance of building muscle. They can help you in bodybuilding and help you grow muscle.  
What Are Amino Acids? 
There are three different kinds of amino acids semi essentialnon essential, and essential, also known as essential amino acids. Semi essential are made in your body if your body can get them from the other amino acids. Essential amino acids must be consumed by you through food and supplements. Non-essential amino acids, or non essential amino acids are created inside your body according to your body's ability to do so.  
The Three Different Types of Amino Acids ' 
Essential Amino Acids: There are eight different kinds of essential amino acids.  
1. Isoleucines are a type of amino acid that your muscles use to create energy. Isoleuclines are vital in creating hemoglobin.  
2. Leucine is used as energy, and even helps to reduce the amount of muscle protein loss you endure. It can also help your body to heal broken bones and skin damage. 
3. Valine is not processed by your liver, but taken directly to your muscles.  
4. Histadine can be used as a treatment for anemia, allergy diseases, digestive ulcers, and rheumatoid arthritis. It is vital in producing red and white blood cells.  
5. Lysine helps your muscles and connective tissues. It is used in the treatment of herpes simplex, and helps to destroy other viruses. It helps in bone growth by helping your body grow collagen. When it is combined with vitamin C it will help your muscles use oxygen more resourcefully and even hinder fatigue. 
6. Phenylalanine helps to suppress your appetite, which can be helpful if you are trying to shed fat. It also helps in the creation of collagen. 
7. Threonine helps reduce the amount of fat build up in your liver, and aids in the creation of collagen.  
8. Tryptophan helps to keep you calm, and helps to release growth hormones.  
Semi essential Amino Acids: There are three different types of semi essential amino acids.  
1. Arginine helps growth hormones, build your immune system, create collagen, and is a precursor for creatine.  
2. Cysteine helps your body detoxify certain chemicals, can prevent body damage from tobacco and alcohol, and helps to build white blood cells.  
3. Tyrosine helps to elevate your mood, helps growth hormones, and even helps as a precursor for dopamine, and epinephrine.  
Non essential Amino Acids: There are ten different kinds of non essential amino acids.  
1. Alanine is a main amino acid in helping your connective tissues, helps your immune system, and allows your muscles and other tissues get energy from amino acids.  
2. Aspartic Acid helps to turn carbs into energy for your muscles. It even helps your immune system and limits your body's ammonia levels following exercise.  
3. Cystine strengthens your connective tissues, helps in inflammation pain, helps to build more white blood cells, and helps in healing processes.  
4. Glutamic Acid is a possible source of energy and important for your brain and amino acid metabolism. 
5. Glutamine helps you with your memory and concentration. It is an important source of energy for your intestines, kidneys and more.  
6. Glycine helps to create other amino acids. It can even eliminate sweet cravings.  
7. Ornithine helps your growth hormones, helps healing processes, and helps to improve your immune system and liver.  
8. Proline helps your heart and connective tissues, gives your muscles more energy and creates more collagen.  
9. Serine helps your cells energy creation, helps your nervous system and memory, and even helps your immune system. 
10. Taurine helps reduce fats.  

Amino Acids

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