Anatomical Terms – Letter B

Biceps Brachii: main flexor of the elbow, located on anterior aspect of upper arm.
Biceps Femoris: main flexor of the knee, located on posterior aspect of the upper leg.
Bone Scan: uses radioactive dye to scan the bones.

Bursa: fluid filled sac that reduces friction between bones and ligaments, tendons and other tissues.
Bursitis: inflammation of the bursa, normally caused by excessive repetitive movement.
B Cell: is a type of white blood cell, and is sometimes referred to as a B lymphocyte.
Babinski Reflex: reflex that is tested by stimulating the bottom of the foot.
Backbone:  just a simple term for referring to someones spine or vertebral column.
Ball and Socket Joint: a joint in which a round end of one bone joins or articulates with another bone that is socket shaped.  example would be the hip joint
Basilar Fracture: is a fracture of the bone at the base of the skull (occipital bone).
Biopsy: removing a small amount of fluid or tissue by means of surgery or aspiration.
Blocker’s Disease: overgrowth of bone on the humerus, usually where the deltoid muscle attaches to it.


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