Gray’s Anatomy – Best Anatomy text book

One way to start making your body fit and ready for action is to educate yourself about it. When you learn about things like your skeletal structure and your muscular structure, you are learning about your body in a very basic way. This will make it easier for you to shape it and mold it in a way that suits you. There are many places to start learning about your body, but one tool that is invaluable in this progress is Gray's Anatomy. 
Gray's Anatomy is a textbook that is considered the definitive classic on human anatomy. This is a text that is used not only by medical students, but also by a wide variety of people. Art students use it when studying how to put together a picture or a sculpture and many illustrators who work with textbooks will use the color plates and clear, concise explanations for reference for their own work. This book was written because Dr. Henry Gray felt that there was a need for a comprehensive text on the human body, and, indeed, the newest editions continue to be found in the offices of doctors who feel that a visual aid is necessary when talking to their patients. 
This invaluable textbook was originally called Gray's Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical, and it was published in the United states in 1859, a year after it was was published in Great Britain. Ever since then, Gray's Anatomy has been published in many editions, each one adding more knowledge and information to an already extensive book. If you are getting a copy for any reason beyond curiosity, it is important to realize that the number of the edition, as well as whether it is a North American or a Great Britain publication will be important, as there are many differences between each.  
At this point, Gray's Anatomy is an enormous book, but luckily, there are other options! One way to get all of that important knowledge into one place is to get the CD-ROM version, which is available in both Great Britain and the United States. Similarly, there is another work known as Gray's Anatomy for Students, which takes its title from the classic, and while not derived from the original, serves a similar purpose. 
Just by sitting down with a Gray's Anatomy, you can learn more about your body than you ever have before. It is one thing to read about things like your glutes and your biceps and triceps, but quite another to actually see them and see how they connect and what they do. When you go to work out, you'll have a much more intimate knowledge of your body and you'll know what exactly it is you're working. Similarly, if you end up injuring yourself, a knowledge of your own anatomy can help you figure out what exactly got hurt and how you can fix it. 
A little bit of knowledge goes a long way, and with Gray's Anatomy by your side or in your bookshelf, you can learn a lot, not only about your workout and training regimen, but also about yourself! 


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