The R.I.C.E. Procedure for Acute Injury Treatment

Rest: When you are injured, cease playing, get medical help if required and rest. Resting a personal injury is essential just after it occurs for two main reasons. To start with, rest is necessary to safeguard the damaged muscle, tendon, ligament or other tissue from additional injuries. Secondly, the body has to rest so that it has got the energy it requires to recover correctly.
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Ice: Utilize ice bags, cold packs or perhaps a bag of frozen peas covered with a thin small towel to deliver cold on the damaged region.

Cold offers short-term pain reduction. Additionally, it restricts swelling by decreasing circulation to the damaged location. Bear in mind, though, that you must never keep ice on an injury for longer than 15-20 minutes each time. Lengthier exposure can harm the skin. The most effective guideline is to employ cold compresses for fifteen minutes after which you can leave the cold compresse off for around twenty minutes.

Compression: Compression aids to restrict and decrease swelling, that slows recovery. Many people additionally enjoy pain reduction from compression. A simple way to compress the region of the injury is usually to use an ACE bandage round the inflammed portion. If you experience throbbing, or if the wrap simply seems too snug, take off the bandage and re-wrap the location so the bandage is looser.

Elevation: Elevating an injury decreases swelling. It really is most beneficial when the hurt region is elevated over the level of one's heart. For instance, should you hurt an ankle, attempt lying on the bed with your feet propped upon 1 or 2 pillows.

Following a couple of days of applying R.I.C.E., a lot of sprains, strains and many other injuries will start to recover. However if the swelling or pain doesn't lessen after two days, go see your physician.


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