Piperine increases cannabidiol bioavailability

Piperine increases cannabidiol bioavailability

The amount of cannabidiol in many supplements is disappointing. You may probably partly overcome this by combining those supplements with piperine, pharmacologists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered.

The researchers gave rats cannabidiol in the form of a lecithin-based complex. You can find more detailed information about that complex here.

On one occasion the rats were given the cannabidiol-lecithin complex [CBD-PNL; PNL], the other time the researchers had added piperine to that complex [CBD-piperine-PNL; P-PNL]. The cannabidiol: piperine ratio was 3:2.

Piperine increases cannabidiol bioavailability

Piperine switches off enzymes in the small intestine that break down various bioactive substances. It also makes it easier for fats and fat-dissolved substances to slip through the membranes of intestinal cell wands and enter the body. [Pharm Anal Acta 2018, 9:7.]

On another occasion, the rats received the complex with piperine for 9 consecutive days.

The researchers then measured the concentration of cannabidiol in the blood of the rats for 10 hours.

The addition of piperine to the complex doubled the amount of cannabidiol in the blood of the test animals that the researchers found over 10 hours.

Piperine increases cannabidiol bioavailability

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