Taurine protects steroids users’ testes


Taurine safeguards steroids users’ testes

Steroids users might avoid the decrease of their testosterone and sperm production by utilizing taurine. Egyptian pharmacologist Maha Ahmed of Misr University for Science and Innovation in Giza believes this might hold true. Ahmed injected laboratory animals for 2 months with nandrolone decanoate and found that taurine supplements dramatically minimized the unfavorable endocrinological negative effects of this anabolic steroid.



Taurine is discovered in the cells of all tissues that burn high quantities of energy. One theory is that taurine, together with glutathione, assists safeguard the cells against hazardous substances that are launched when energy is produced. [Adv Exp Med Biol. 2013;776:3-12.]

The testes is one kind of tissue where you discover high levels of taurine. If you increase the taurine concentration in the testes by offering animals supplements, then their testosterone production increases.


Using anabolic steroids has actually increased tremendously in Egypt too. The most typical long-lasting results of taking steroids are most likely hormone in nature. Users’ capability to synthesise their own testosterone decreases or they end up being sterilized. You can learn more about this here. Maha Ahmed questioned whether taurine supplements may safeguard steroids users, a minimum of from the endocrinological [hormonal] negative effects.

Research Study
Ahmed did try outs male rats. He injected a few of them weekly with nandrolone decanoate. The preparation he utilized was Nandurabolin, made by the Nile Business for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries. The human equivalent of the dosage he utilized would be 140 mg nandrolone decanoate weekly.

By today’s requirements a dosage of 140 mg nandrolone decanoate is very little, despite the fact that bodybuilders in the 1960s and 70s would have had a various viewpoint.

A 2nd group of rats got not just nandrolone decanoate injections however likewise taurine. Ahmed provided taurine orally. The human equivalent of the dosage would be 1500 mg taurine daily.

A control group was offered taurine just. Another control group was offered absolutely nothing at all.

The injections of the steroid minimized the rats’ testosterone concentrations and diminished their testes. Taurine supplements could not avoid these results, however did lower them substantially.

Taurine protects steroids users' testes

Taurine protects steroids users' testes

Nandrolone decanoate minimized the production of sperm, impacted their practicality, minimized their motility and increased the opportunity of unusual sperm. Taurine significantly minimized these results.

Nandrolone decanoate minimized the production of enzymes associated with the biosynthesis of testosterone, such as 3- and 17-beta-HSD, however taurine mostly stopped this decrease.

Nandrolone decanoate minimized the concentration of glutathione in the testes, however this didn’t occur when the rats were offered taurine too.

Nandrolone decanoate triggered the testes to produce more inflammatory proteins such as TNF-alpha, however this didn’t occur if the laboratory animals were likewise offered taurine.

Ahmed observed more hereditary damage in the rats that had actually been injected with nandrolone decanoate, however not in those that had actually likewise had taurine.

Nandrolone decanoate caused the testes to make more of the suicide enzyme caspase-3, however not… Ok, you get it.

Steroids utilize forces the cells in the testes to end up being non-active, and non-active cells damage themselves. Taurine slowed this procedure down.

“Nandrolone decanoate adversely affects sperm characteristics and induces testicular damage in rats”, sums up Ahmed. “At the biochemical and histological levels, taurine totally abolished nandrolone decanoate-induced deleterious effects and protected rat sperm and testis from injury by virtue of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic effects.”

“Clinical trials are strongly recommended to investigate the protective effects of taurine in nandrolone decanoate abusers against associated testicular toxicity and possible infertility.”

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2015 Feb 1;282(3): 285-96.

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